We provide agile asset management expertise to help our clients invest their time and resources in the right solutions to meet their business goals, provide sustainable outcomes, and benefit society. We enhance our client’s asset management capability at pace by combining our strategic experience and practical knowledge of operational infrastructure with our decision science expertise. We enable informed risk-based decision making which drives sustainable value.

Asset Management Transformation

Our experience in critical infrastructure and operations is unrivalled. Our hands-on operational and strategic asset management experience is coupled with board-level gravitas across our team of experts.

We may never know your business as well as you do – but we will help you to know it better, making key decisions aligned to stakeholder needs, releasing and growing value from the asset base, from a position of credible data and knowledge.

Our record speaks for itself – with highly engaged collaborative teams delivering significant improvements in financial and operational performance.

At Amey Consulting we help organisations make informed decisions about getting value from their assets. In a complex, ever-changing world, asset management has become an increasingly important discipline to ensure that asset-owning and managing organisations get the greatest value from their asset base; whether that value is financial, safety, service, sustainability or something else that the organisation defines. More often than not it is a complex combination of factors and drivers requiring a tailored approach.

We change the conversation. We address conflicting stakeholder needs, identify strategies to realise tangible return on investment. We apply evidence-based review techniques, informed data analytics and value driver assessment to identifying change needs – and do it all at pace.

最近的事件和变化在市场上presented infrastructure owners with new challenges. Traditional approaches to demand forecasting no longer apply, and many organisations have built up an infrastructure portfolio which doesn’t quite fit with the new world – whether that’s a change in patterns resulting from Covid-19, or the urgent need to decarbonise in a real, sustainable way. Fewer paying users means less cash to maintain, operate and improve what is often the same asset base.

This means organisations have to be savvy about how to spend their limited resources, not just cut back on the obvious. It is no coincidence that the organisations which were best able to respond quickly to the impacts of the current pandemic are those with the most mature approach to asset management across their whole organisation.

We work with organisations that own or operate some of the most interesting infrastructure in the country, working with them to enhance their asset management practices and realise the benefits of asset management digitalisation. Our clients range from those new to the concept of Asset Management – in which we add our technical capabilities to the existing strengths to build a strong foundation – to those pushing the boundaries of asset management, with whom we develop more complex – often digital – solutions to their challenges.

We deploy integrated teams focused on technical excellence and with relevant operational experience. This depth and level of collaboration lowers risk in delivery of AM enhancement and accelerates the delivery of benefits and helps us to embed change within organisations in a way that sticks.

Success, for us, is measured in the sustainability of our work, which tends to be in the form of long-term relationships rather than long, drawn out projects. To achieve this, knowledge and skills transfer is a key part of any engagement, and the application of real-world, hand-on experience in a variety of operating environments and organisational cultures.

Our approach helps our clients to develop solutions rather than providing “one size fits all” models. In doing so, we achieve three things:

  • Ensuring that the enhancements are appropriate for our clients’ business considering matters such as scale, complexity and business context;
  • Improving ownership within the team – the people who ultimately live with the system;
  • Providing knowledge transfer throughout the support activity to enhance our clients’ broader AM capabilities.

We have wide experience of the practical application of Asset Management systems in major infrastructure organisations, aligned to ISO 55001, including practical insight gained from an accountable duty holder perspective. We work with organisations across many sectors, including Aviation, Maritime, Defence, Highways, Local and National Government, Utilities, and Renewables.

The support we provide is different for every organisation and situation, but typically includes:

  • Organisational design to support the efficient and sustainable achievement of strategic objectives;
  • Initiatives to enhance data quality regarding the assets, their performance and their maintenance;
  • Data analytics to better understand and visualise the performance of assets, asset management systems and business outcomes;

  • Enhancing the decisions and arrangements for the management of outsourced service contracts;
  • Development of Asset Management competence systems and their application;
  • 调整的战略资产all objectives of the organisation, and improving the links between AM activities and the AM strategy;
  • Development and implementation of Risk management processes and procedures;
  • Supporting the Change Management process;

  • Understanding and improving the linkages between asset performance data and long-term business planning;
  • Establishing internal assurance mechanisms based on risk;
  • Supporting alignment with ISO 55001 and the understanding of AM across organisations.

Please read our case studies to find out more about the team and our passionfor improving infrastructure through the pragmatic application of asset management principles.