Digital and Data Solutions

We are pioneers in developing world-leading data solutions that empower infrastructure owners and all businesses to make informed decisions. 

In an industry with a century-old business model, we have brought a revolutionary new way of thinking. We have redefined the role of a modern engineering consultancy by seamlessly integrating practical technology, operational expertise, and data-driven insights. Our comprehensive strategies are proven to deliver exceptional results, optimising the decision-making process for infrastructure owners. By harnessing the power of data, we unlock hidden opportunities, enable predictive maintenance, and enhance overall operational effectiveness.

This fusion of domain knowledge enables us to bridge the gap between data science and engineering, providing practical, actionable, and measurable solutions that drive strategic decision-making for owners of critical national infrastructure.

Through our innovative approach, we deliver tangible value by enhancing service efficiency, ensuring public safety, promoting environmental mitigation, and saving millions of pounds for infrastructure owners and operators.

Transforming the Industry

Our transformative effect extends beyond our services – it's in our organisational culture.By attracting a diverse range of talented individuals with diverse backgrounds, skills, and perspectives to work in infrastructure, we foster a dynamic and innovative workforce. Through our expertise, we dramatically improve service efficiency for our clients, ensuring optimal performance and maintenance of infrastructure assets. Additionally, we actively contribute to public safety and play a pivotal role in saving millions of pounds for the public purse.

Reimagining Engineering Consultancy

As leaders in the development of data solutions for infrastructure, we are committed to driving transformative change in the industry. Our pioneering mindset attracts top talent, foster innovations, and challenges the status quo.

How we can help

Digital Strategy Realisation

Our Digital Strategy Realisation team constructs and supports data-led business change for our clients: delivering technological solutions to drive better decision-making, efficiency and innovation. We work with our clients to meet their ambitions and create ongoing growth.

We provide professional services in the transformation side of the team who specialise in digital strategy, digital delivery data management, and migration and digital change.

Our system engineers deliver systems integration and cyber security whilst continually partnering with and supporting our clients.

Information Services & Platforms

Our technology solutions and services enable clients to realise the full data value chain, from acquisition to exploitation.

We provide all elements of technology delivery through the agile lifecycle, with specialism in data engineering and cloud. Our sector focus and broad technical capability provides an unmatched level of domain understanding, accelerating delivery and driving innovation.

We deliver technology to monitor complex infrastructure and augment IoT-based information with real-time predictive analytics to improve operational performance.

Data Science & Analytics

We help our clients extract insight from their data, driving better decisions. Our focus is on delivering tangible value against financial and non-financial goals.

We work with our clients to understand the challenges they face and the problems they need to solve to leverage data to identify and prove the innovations that make the biggest difference.

Asset Management Transformation

We provide agile asset management expertise to help our clients invest their time and resources in the right solutions to meet their business goals, provide sustainable outcomes, and benefit society.

我们提高客户资产管理capability at pace by combining our strategic experience and practical knowledge of operational infrastructure with our decision science expertise.

We enable informed risk-based decision-making which drives sustainable value.

Digital Engineering

We are committed to the adoption of Digital Engineering (DE) and fully support its collaborative approach to achieve more effective and efficiently planned, designed, constructed, managed and maintained assets for our clients. We use DE to create value through more rapid design and construction cycles, and reduced operation, maintenance, renewal and disposal costs. Our approach engages all business stakeholders across operations, maintenance, IT, process control, procurement, design and construction.

For example our Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is used to conduct design, surveys and inspections for a variety of projects on a daily basis. The UAV enables us to capture data on assets (e.g. highways, rail, structures, geotechnical and environmental), which is analysed and turned into intelligence, to generate actionable insights for our clients.