Reactive and cyclical maintenance of highways

WemaintaintheUKs roadnetwork, ensuring itremainssafe and efficient at all times. Byunderstandinghowroad defects can significantlyimpactjourneys and the smooth movement of people and freight,wecan put inplacecomprehensivesolutions to address these challenges promptly and efficiently.

When unexpected issues or emergencies arise, our dedicated highways teams are available 24/7 to handle them. Whether it's dealing with unexpected large potholes, damaged signs, or malfunctioning traffic lights, our specially trained professionals respond swiftly to ensure road safety. We make sure the road is either repaired promptly or temporarily closed to prevent any potential dangers.

Reactive maintenance is not enough on its own that is why, we ensure rigorous cyclical maintenance plans are in place. This ensures assets are maintained at regular intervals, extending the lifespan of the infrastructure and preventing further deterioration. From road resurfacing and surface dressing to gully cleansing, vegetation control, and line marking, we proactively address potential issues and mitigate future issues.

Winter maintenance is an essential part of our cyclical activities during the colder months. Our teams assess and treat the roads to keep them free from snow and ice, ensuring safe and reliable travel during challenging weather conditions. Using technology specially developed by us, we can anticipate which roads are going to be most severely impacted and prioritise treating these.

The importance of timely response, proactive maintenance, and enhancing road durability, ensures smoother journeys and supports the movement of people and goods across the country.