Health and safety

AtAmey, weprioritise ensuring everyone returns home safe and well every day.Safety isintrinsicallyembedded within the ways we work and forms a core part of our values.

Our Zero Code policy outlines the behaviours we expect from our teams and supply chain partners. This simple code highlights the key actions taken to protect people from harm. It focuses on encouraging and developing the correct, safe behaviours in the workplace.

There are four key principles of our Zero Code which are followed to ensure our working conditions are always safe and to prevent any unacceptable standards or situations.

  • Ready to work
  • Kitted out
  • 坚持这个计划
  • Stay alert
  • Crucially, the code encourages employees to ‘Shout Out’ if they have any safety concerns.

Trends over the past five years show that our targeted Zero code safety programmes are driving down the number of incidents that cause the most serious injuries. In 2022, specified injuries, reportable under the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR), reduced by 15% on the previous year.

We will continually strive to achieve zero incidents in the workplace. Building on our Zero Code policy, we are implementing behavioural safety to understand employee perception, attitude and behaviours relating to health and safety, to identify areas of intervention that can further improve safety within our workplace.