Project Works

We offer end-to-end solutions tailored to our clients’ specific needs, ensuring that our works align with their goals. We combine our expertise with data and insights to provide solutions that maximise lifecycle spend and futureproof their assets.


We manage clients' projects, programmes and portfolios to meet thier goals. The PMO allows unique visibility of projects and programmes from initial concept through to delivery and benefit realisation.

We challenge to achieve environmental and social value at every stage. We support, test, constructively challenge, and influence throughout the life of a project - strengthening our offer to clients and providing smarter, more effective and efficient solutions to the industry.

Complex Facilities

Meticulous Planning and Effective Delivery

Our experienced team works closely with clients and all stakeholders to meticulously plan, closely monitor, and effectively deliver each project. Whether it's a one-stage construction process or a comprehensive Design and Build scheme, we prioritise collaboration and adaptability, resulting in customised solutions that drive success.

Partnering with Specialist Contractors

我们与专家合作承包商把their unique skills and expertise to every job. Whether clients need refurbishments, new builds, or remodelling projects, we engage contractors with the necessary capabilities to deliver exceptional results. With our trusted partners, we guarantee that clients' estate maintenance and enhancement projects are handled by qualified professionals.

Commitment to Sustainability

At Amey, we are committed to building sustainable infrastructure. We take measures to recycle materials, introduce energy-efficient solutions, and source local resources and products whenever possible. By incorporating sustainable practices into our projects, we minimise the environmental impact of our work.

Supporting Local Communities and Small Businesses

We believe in the power of local communities. That's why we allocate 71% of our supply chain spend to small and medium enterprises, supporting job opportunities and contributing to the growth of local infrastructure.Working together, clients not only benefit from our expertise but also help create a more stable local economy.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation

With over 100 years of successful project delivery, we continuously strive for improvement. We are dedicated to continual improvement and always looking for innovative solutions that keep us at the forefront of the industry. By embracing technology and staying ahead of industry trends, we ensure that our digitally enabled services align with government guidelines, including the Soft Landing principles and Net Zero Estate Playbook. Clients' estates will benefit from our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.

With meticulous planning, effective delivery, and partnerships with specialist contractors, we ensure exceptional results that meet our clients' unique requirements. Our commitment to sustainability and support for local communities further enhance the value we bring.