We deliver essential facilities management, asset management and decarbonisation services for the education, defence, health and prison estates. Our expertise, governance, data-driven benchmarking and innovation allow us to maintain and enhance the most complex and challenging environments.

We manage and maintain approximatelyfour million square metres of public and private buildingsand work with organisations like the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Defence, the Department for Work & Pensions, and the NHS.


Data is at the core of our business and drives our commitment to optimising service delivery. We use our data insights to maximise asset performance and empower customers to make informed decisions. This data-driven approach enables us to deliver efficient solutions, minimise downtime and improve the overall performance of public buildings.

Supporting the Net Zero Journey

In-line with the UK Government's ambitious net-zero target, we work with our customers to develop sustainable solutions that support their journey to a greener future. Through innovative approaches and cutting-edge technology, we ensure that our services contribute to a more sustainable built environment.

Cost Efficiency and Asset Optimisation

We recognise the importance of cost reduction and asset optimisation in public service delivery. By implementing efficient processes and leveraging our expertise, we help our clients achieve cost savings without compromising the quality of the service provided. Our comprehensive asset management solutions ensure that public buildings are used optimally utilised, extending their lifespan and improving their performance.

Delivering Clean, Safe, and Secure Spaces

Maintaining cleanliness and safety in public spaces is our top priority. Our teams work diligently to make sure buildings are clean, sanitised and properly maintained. We employ robust security measures to protect public property and create a safe environment for our employees and visitors.