Engineering Maintenance

我们理解维护cr的重要性itical infrastructure that keeps our country running smoothly. Our skilled teams of engineers utilise their expertise to manage and ensure the safe, secure, and compliant operation of buildings, road and rail.

From prisons and schools to hospitals and defence facilities, we specialise in maintaining complex environments, providing our clients with peace of mind and allowing you to focus on your primary responsibilities.

Seamless Services with Minimal Disruption

Our partnership with our clients is built on the commitment to deliver services of the highest standard while minimising disruption to their day-to-day operations. Our highly skilled technical engineers excel in both preventative and corrective maintenance, working diligently to minimise downtime, enhance safety, and extend the lifespan of a building's assets. By entrusting us with the technical aspects, our clients can focus on their core tasks and responsibilities.

Driving Compliance and Maintaining Technical Standards

At Amey, our dedicated technical managers play a crucial role in upholding rigorous technical standards, systems, and processes. They provide guidance and support to ensure our clients’ facilities comply with relevant legislative specifications and industry standards. We ensure the security, efficiency and regulatory compliance of critical infrastructure through our proactive approach to compliance. Our technical managers supervise operations to ensure consistent adherence to these standards, ensuring our clients’ facilities operate at their best.

Local Expertise and Asset Knowledge

Our site-based engineering managers possess invaluable local expertise and in-depth knowledge of the assets within our clients’ buildings. They meticulously review documentation and maintenance activities, identifying and resolving any issues promptly. This proactive approach helps prevent disruptions and ensures the seamless functioning of critical infrastructure. With their focus on asset management, clients can have confidence in the reliability of their facility.

Authorised Personnel and Compliance Assurance

To provide comprehensive support for your technical requirements, we have Authorised Persons (APs) ready to issue permits and address any technical inquiries regarding our clients’ asset regimes. Additionally, our highly specialised Authorising Engineers (AEs) conduct regular audits to verify compliance with regulatory requirements. These audits are essential to maintaining the highest levels of safety and ensuring assets meet all necessary standards and regulations.

With the responsibility for over 30,000 km of roads, we conduct regular inspections, assessments, and make informed decisions regarding their future upkeep, all in line with our comprehensive whole life asset management approach.

By thoroughly understanding these assets and leveraging our expertise to maximise their lifespan, we can establish effective maintenance regimes and deliver projects precisely when they are needed to achieve our clients' strategic and sustainable objectives.

Our unwavering focus is on ensuring the efficient functionality of our road network, enabling seamless travel for both individuals and goods. We strive to ensure timely arrivals at destinations, every time, by optimising the road infrastructure and minimising disruptions along the way.