Behavioural Assessment

What’s a behaviour-based assessment?

Job-hunting is stressful enough, so who needs a stressful assessment? Unlike other traditional methods of assessment you may be used to, our behaviour-based assessment doesn’t ask you any questions! It simply observes your natural behaviours through a series of mini tasks. The benefit of this is that you can demonstrate your true potential, whilst enjoying the experience. In fact, 90% of candidates actively enjoy completing our assessment, with many claiming that they felt more relaxed compared to more traditional methods.

Why do we do it?

It’s simple really – we want to provide you with an engaging experience and help us successfully recruit outstanding candidates. By working with our assessment partners, Arctic Shores, we can identify what great looks like here at Amey. This means you’re compared to specific behaviours that are crucial for high performance, using objective behavioural insight, leaving no room for natural bias, so that potential can be predicted fairly, consistently and accurately, putting gender, ethnicity, age, background and neurotype aside.

So, what next?

If you are invited to complete our behaviour-based assessment via Arctic Shores, you’ll be notified by our recruitment team in advance and then receive an emailed link from Arctic Shores within 48 hours along with all the instructions. We appreciate that you may want to learn more about the assessment or the science behind it all, so there is also an excellentCandidate FAQ documentwhich can be found here. We hope that you enjoy the assessment and find the personalised report you will receive afterwards, helpful.

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