ESG and Sustainability

Investing in Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) and Sustainability is fundamental to our purpose to bring about positive change.

The challenge

Our increased access to data and knowledge all points towards the hard truth that we are living within a Climate and Biodiversity Emergency – a Code Red for humanity – with our consumption and use of natural resources far exceeding planetary boundaries.

The built environment (i.e., the infrastructure we all use to live, travel and work), plays a huge role in our ability to deliver on sustainability. From the consideration of the initial need, through to engineering design and planning, onward construction, maintenance and demobilisation, decisions are made at every point in the life cycle of asset, which positively or negatively contribute towards sustainable development.

Our role

As a strategic supplier to UK Government, and with a presence across the UK, we are uniquely positioned to help drive equality of opportunity through inclusive procurement and employment. Our design and transport capabilities across the built environment means that we are well-placed to speed up the transition to Net Zero and enhance our natural environment.

It’s a conscious shift from short-term thinking at the expense of our natural environment, to one that considers the overall social and economic impact on our communities today and for the future. Our intent is to create community value, wealth and wellbeing through championing an inclusive economy, one that provides opportunities to all and targets positive action for people and places that are most disadvantaged.