Public Buildings

We keep workplaces, schools, hospitals, prisons, military housing, and airports productive, safe and clean.

Creating better facilities

We support you to run your home and organisation smoothly without thinking twice about the maintenance, operation and improvement of buildings, grounds or estates. We take care of them by:

  • Planning maintenance carefully– to make sure your day isn’t disrupted
  • Optimising your buildings’ energy– to make your resources go further
  • Keeping everything clean and fresh– so everyone stays happy, relaxed and healthy in their environment
  • Investing in technology– to keep everything running efficiently
  • 快速反应的– to keep your teams happy
  • Championing health and nutrition– to keep teams well fed and operating at their best


We help create high-quality learning environments, where students can gain meaningful skills and qualifications. Together with local authorities, we keep schools clean and safe. This means improving recycling and keeping waste to a minimum, and making sure students are warm and well-nourished.

We have heavily invested in educational private finance initiatives (PFIs) that fund public infrastructure. Schools and colleges we work with are located in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Belfast, Liverpool, Bradford and Northampton.

  • 2.2 millionschool meals every year, served to 11,500 pupils a day.


We make offices and office buildings work harder, so they’re productive, happy and safe places to work. By letting us take on the complexity of managing people, services and systems across multiple or large buildings, you can get on with what you do best.

Some of the prestigious buildings we work in include The Ministry of Defence, Attorney General’s Office and the innovative London Boroughs contract, where seven local authorities have merged together to provide services across London and Kent.

  • 6 million km2worth of public and private buildings are managed by us


We’re proud to partner with the NHS and local authorities to keep facilities clean and safe while reducing costs. With our strong public service ethos, quality always comes first. So we approach essential services like cleaning, catering and maintenance in a way that helps the NHS run sustainably and efficiently.

We also manage non-emergency patient and passenger transport, allowing us to properly integrate our services and make sure the Trust truly benefits economically.

  • 47sites covered by our facilities management in Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust
  • 1.2米llionpeople served over 172 square miles


Through our joint ventures and facilities management teams we help clients such as the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) run their organisations smoothly. This means they can focus on keeping our country safe.

Every day, we help the MOD maintain, operate and improve their buildings and grounds. We work hard to make sure military housing operates smoothly and safely, making life easier for servicemen and women, their families and the civilian teams who work alongside them. And we work hard to keep offices and accommodation clean, safe and working efficiently at the MOD headquarters in London.

  • 23,000buildings (or 95km2 of estate) managed and maintained for the MOD at over 250 locations across the UK
  • 15,000+house moves organised every year for military families