We help our customers to extract insight from their data, driving better decisions. Our focus is on delivering tangible value against financial and non-financial goals. We work with our customers to understand the challenges they face - and the problems they need to solve to leverage data - to identify and prove the innovations that make the biggest difference.

At Amey Consulting, the focus of our Data Science and Analytics offering is the practical difference information can make. We help our clients to extract insight from their data, driving better decisions that deliver tangible valueagainstboth financial and non-financial goals.

Our team are experts in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Some of the solutions we develop for our clients also bring in cutting-edge technology from fields such as computer vision and deep learning. We have worked with clients to unlock huge process improvements by introducing data into decisions, with relatively simple data processing.

Past solutions that we have delivered are embedded in the everyday operation of the UK’s rail and road networks.

To make sure we succeed, our team of data scientists and data analysts will work with you by starting from the challenges of your organisation, rather than from the data. Together we will identify and prove out the innovations which will make the biggest difference. We are experienced in looking at new ways of approaching business problems, such as data-enhanced works prioritisation, scheduling, risk assessment, condition monitoring, operational optimisation and workforce planning.

Whatever the challenges faced by your organisation, where data can help, our team is your partner for data-led improvement. Please take a look at the examples in our case studies.